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Only Results Count  

Firms engage my services to complement and accelerate their current business development efforts.   

By representing great firms, I help clients identify and engage with the right Solution Providers for their key initiatives. As one CMO described, "You do the hard work of vetting out the firms and resources, so people can easily find the best solution & fit."

Engaging Leading Minds

I represent select solution providers that are innovators and leaders in:

>Cloud & SAAS Solutions
>Software Engineering, Development & Integration
>User Centered Research and Design 
>Applications, Sites & Mobile Experiences
>Business Intelligence & Analytics
>Dashboards and Data Visualization
>Interactive and Immersive Environments
>Managed IT Services
>Collaboration Platforms
>Project Management 
>Onshore and Offshore Team Building 



Great Firms Deserve Great Clients

Over the past months I've accelerated the securing of fantastic clients, including top-ranked U.S. healthcare provider, the world's largest mobile carrier, a global leader in transportation components, the world's largest boat manufacturer, a leader in education CMS platforms, the largest bank in South Africa, a Texas-based leader of banking software, an award winning medical device startup in Michigan, a leading big-box building product manufacturer, the leading NFP data firm in U.S., the largest web-based fundraising firm in U.S., the leading government database consultancy in Sweden, and the world's largest software maker. 

I consistently achieve Revenue Goals and % Over Quota Results ($mil), bringing pipeline development and predictable growth to new levels driving new and sustained business growth across market introduction, territory expansion and start up environments. 

Here's a snapshot of results from helping leaders across six continents and 16 industries to succeed:

2010 to Present  | Sales Services for Select Firms
Top Producer 2008 | NuSoft Solutions 204% quota
Top Producer 2007 | NuSoft Solutions 182% quota
Top Producer 2006 | NuSoft Solutions 167% quota
Top Producer 2005 | Sagestone Consulting 156% quota
Top Producer 2004 | Sagestone Consulting 211% quota
Top Producer 2003 | Sagestone Consulting 173% quota
Top Producer 2002 | Sagestone Consulting 134% quota
Top Producer 2000 | nVision USA 106% quota
Top Producer 1999 | ImageWest 137% quota
Top Producer 1998 | ImageWest 141% quota
Top Producer 1997 | ImageWest 122% quota
Top Producer 1996 | ImageWest 113% quota

Bruce R Benson
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